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    New York City's Health Department recently finished testing water from 116 cooling towers in Lenox Hill following a Legionnaires' disease outbreak which claimed the life of one person and led to the hospitalisation of at least six victims.

    To date, no new cases of the disease have been reported.

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    Three men and two women from Victoria, Australia's health office have succumbed to Legionnaires' disease following a routine inspection of various CBD buildings.

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    It was on December 2016 when a confirmed case of Legionnaires' disease was reported at the Harrison Medical Center. Subsequent testing of the water samples taken from the medical centre confirmed the presence of Legionella bacteria which are known to cause the disease.

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    American public health officials say that fatality rates from Legionnaires' disease have decreased.

    When the dreaded disease was discovered in 1976 and caused an outbreak at a convention in Philadelphia, American health officials were caught unaware and were unable to promptly deal with it. Because it was ill-prepared, Philadelphia suffered 34 deaths.


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    Officials of the US Department of Veterans' Affairs (VA) disclosed this January that a routine water testing revealed the presence of Legionella bacteria.

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