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    Families take their elderly members to care facilities knowing that these places are better equipped to watch over their ageing loved ones. They have a staff of trained personnel and the place is truly designed to accommodate the mobility issues that older people have. However, it’s a big concern that some care homes have been reported to be the breeding places of the dreaded Legionella bacteria.

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    Hospitals, dental clinics and care homes are considered high risk for Legionella — a piece of information that may be surprising to many. After all, these areas are usually assumed to be not just clean, but also thoroughly sanitised, so it could be hard to imagine how a type of bacteria that causes fatal infections can be present in those facilities.

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    The book entitled "Health and Safety in Care Homes" published by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) serves as a guideline for owners and managers of care homes.

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    John Stratton from Wisbech spent a lot of money to treat his wife and two young daughters to a 10-night luxury holiday to the Sharm-el-Sheikh Resort by the Red Sea. Their experience was not quite the posh R&R that they had been expecting. Things really took a turn for worse when he spotted a piece of human waste floating in the swimming pool of the Egyptian hotel.

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    Schools need to make safety a priority; however, when there’s a potential threat that cannot be detected by the naked eye, what is the administration to do?

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