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Legionnaires’ disease is a condition that affects the respiratory system. The lung infection is caused by inhaling droplets of water in the air containing the bacteria called Legionella. This type of bacteria can easily spread through man-made water systems such as plumbing, hot water tanks and heaters. Even shower heads and taps inside the home are susceptible to spreading the bacteria.

Learning simple Legionella shower head disinfection and descaling tips can help protect you and your family from developing this respiratory ailment while using the water in your home.

Legionella can be found not just in homes but also hospitals and hotels among others. Tests conducted in a hospital in Montana revealed traces of the bacteria in the water supply. Legionella tests were conducted after a patient contracted the infection from the Montana hospital. To prevent any additional spread of infection and cases of Legionnaires’ disease from popping up, the hospital decided to install medical-grade water filters on all of the hospital’s shower heads and taps.

The bacteria that cause the disease are not just limited to public areas such as hotels, swimming pools or hospitals. They can also spread inside the home through taps and shower heads.

In areas with hard water, scale will build up quickly on both taps and shower heads and since scale is an ideal food source for legionella bacteria it is important to descale as well as disinfect. Showerhead Plus performs both of these actions at the same time.

Ideally, you should be descaling and disinfecting your shower heads every three months or more often if scale is visible.

If the scale deposits are visible, we recommend you carry out the following :

1. Wear rubber gloves, an apron and safety glasses.
2. Place the shower heads and hoses in a bucket and cover with neat solution of Showerhead Plus.
3. Let the items soak for two to 15 minutes – you will see the scale ‘fizzing’ as the product is working.
4. Gently rub against the surfaces to remove any loose scale deposits.
5. Remove the items from the produce and place in a bucket containing clean fresh tap water to rinse.
6. Refit the shower head and hose and flush with fresh water for 2 minutes.
7. Pour the used product back in to the Showerhead Plus container for re-use (the colour will change from yellow to a green/blue when it is no longer active and a new supply required).

Make sure that you are in a safe and well-ventilated area when using the Showerhead Plus. The cleaner contains a mild acid that can damage your skin and eyes. Wear rubber gloves, eye protection and an apron to keep yourself protected.