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Holiday Parks are great places to have fun, relax and enjoy the countryside but for some people this turns out to be bad for their health.

We all expect the water out of the tap to be healthy and wholesome, and usually it is but it can quickly go wrong at Holiday Parks.

The water systems are designed so that they can cope at the height of summer when the park is packed with holiday makers and owners. The problems occur in the low season when the occupancy falls to 10% and many areas of the park are empty. The water stagnates in the pipes and the quality degrades.

For some elderly folk or those with a compromised immune system this can cause upsets tummies or even much worse.

Hooking up touring vans or relocating static vans gives rise to water quality issue too if simply hygienic procedures are not followed. We love the countryside because of it’s full of nature like birds and foxes and these lovely creatures happily poo and pee in the great outdoors and in turns this sustains other wildlife and bacteria. The actions of the wind, rain and thousands of feet/paws break these substances down into small fragments which get dispersed just about everywhere.

So if your pipe or fittings come in contact with the earth, even for just a few seconds, they can pick up some of these fragments. Did you know that birds and their droppings can carry over 60 diseases? Add to that the dangers from fox poo and Weil’s disease from rats and suddenly it makes sense to be cautions and practice basic hygiene measures.