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    Legionella Test on Water Heaters & Calorifiers

    Legionella Test on Water Heaters & Calorifiers

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    There are numerous methods to generate domestic hot water for sinks, wash hand basins etc, such as:-

    • Calorifier (generic term for a device that heats fluids by circulating them over heating coils).
    • Immersion heater.
    • Electric water heaters.
    • Gas fired water heaters.
    • Combi boilers.

    Apart from Combi boilers most of these methods incorporate a vessel which stores the water. In use, cold water enters and is heated up prior to being distributed around the premises. Since hot water naturally rises, colder water tends to gravitate to the bottom of the unit whilst the hotter water rises to the top. This is known as water stratification where there are layers of water at different temperatures.

    Water should be stored at a minimum of 60°C but even when it is, there will be cooler water layers near the bottom of the unit and warmer water layers higher up. The temperature within some of these layers will be ideal for legionella bacteria to survive and proliferate. So long as the unit is at least 60°C at the outlet to service, then legionella bacteria in this region should be killed. Unfortunately there are many reasons why the temperature does not maintain 60°C at all times, such as:-

    • Power cuts and breakdowns.
    • Higher demand for hot water usage at certain times of the day.
    • Scale build-up on the heating elements or coils.
    • Incorrect thermostat settings.

    When these conditions occur the water temperature drops and legionella bacteria are no longer killed before passing into the hot water distribution system.
    If these situations happen, good practice is to take the system out of service and thermally pasteurise the unit (raise temperature to 70°C) to kill the bacteria.
    The majority of units (not Combi boilers) will have a drain point where a legionella sample can be taken to check if any bacteria are present.

    The pack we send out to you will contain a sterile bottle and full instructions on how to take the sample from up your calorifier or water heater.

    Note 1
    You may wish to test your hot water system or showers separately, see ‘Showers’ and ‘Hot Water Systems' for further details.

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