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Dental Water Line (Enhanced Tests)

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Sometimes called a full DWUL Test

It’s used to monitor the effectiveness of the cleaning & flushing regimes operated within Dental Practices.

It includes pathogens known to live in the dental water biofilm which can cause respiratory problems, particularly those with weakened immune system.

Our laboratory will test your water sample for:-

  • TVC @ 37°C
  • E.coli
  • Coliforms

Each pack contains a 1 litre sterile bottle and full instructions.  The bottle has additional sodium thiosulphate to neutralise chlorine disinfectant and ensure accurate results.

Contact AquaCert at least 24 hours before you fill the bottle so that we can arrange for a courier to collect it from your property.

There is no cost for the courier collection, AquaCert has national contracts with several courier companies to ensure samples are picked up and delivered to laboratories.

To conform with UKAS, we must receive the water sample within 24 hours and during that period the sample should be maintained at approx. 4°C – this is why AquaCert only use dedicated couriers. The pack is sent out in a transit box which has ice packs and insulation to ensure your returning sample remains compliant throughout the journey.

(If transit boxes are not returned you will be invoiced £34.00 + VAT to cover its replacement)

Laboratory incubation is 3 days and the results are available within 1-2 working days after incubation completes.

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