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Tap-Safe Complete Unit

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SAFEWATER – Tap-Safe (Chrome)

Use this approved Point-Of-Use tap filter to efficiently stop all Legionella bacteria.  Includes the tap body and filter.

It will also prevent all other bacteria in the water from reaching the user, including:-

  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • E.Coli
  • Stenotrophomonas
  • Mycobacterium tuberculosis

The product comes with 3 FREE adaptors to ensure it fits all the common UK taps.

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An ergonomic design of tap filter which still allows plenty of room in the sink/wash hand basin to perform washing and cleaning.  Advanced filter technology allows a service life of several months (depends on incoming water quality).

It is environmentally friendly as  it enables users to replace just the filters rather than throw away a perfectly serviceable filter housing.

The costs of replacing the legionella filters are significantly less than total product replacement which is one reason it is used extensively throughout the healthcare industry.


Complete unit includes FREE tap adaptors
The full kit includes THREE tap adaptors.

These adaptors allow the tap fiter to connect securely to virtually any UK domestic/healthcare tap.

M22 → M24 M22 → ½” BSP M22 → Universal


SAFEWATER Tap Filter Data
Performance Rated Capacity —- 5,000 litres (= 5½ tons of water)
Flow Rate —- 6 litres per minute at 2 bar
Biological Retention —- >Log 7  (= 99.99999% reduction in bacterial count)
Life Time —- Several months depending on water quality and usage
Ultrafiltration —- 0.15 micron pore size which is 10 times smaller than  Legionella, pseudomonas or E.coli, so they get retained within the filter
Operating Conditions Pressure —- 6 Bar max (Structural Integrity = 8 Bar hydrostatic pressure)
Chlorine Exposure —- 100 ppm
Temperature —- 0°C (min) up to 50°C (max).  For short periods 60°C is possible but only for 30 minutes during lifetime of the unit
Certified Product Compliance
All products comply with the requirements of the United Kingdom Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations.
All products are made from the safest of materials, comply with 100% quality control checks & the filters are laboratory tested to ensure effectiveness.
Complies to key aspects of ASTM F838 Test Method for determining bacterial retention of membrane filters utilised for liquid filtration.
Independent laboratory tests validate that no legionella bacteria pass through the filter during normal operation.
Independent laboratory tests validate that the SWP membranes reduce the number of Legionella Pneumophila by at least 7 Logs.
Both the filter material and housings meet NSF standards.

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