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Care Homes

A significant proportion of Care Homes have undergone a ‘change of use’ from small hotels, old mansion houses or combining several adjacent houses into a larger property.

In these situations the water systems have been substantially changed leaving redundant pipework and live deadlegs hidden below floorboards.

Many Care Homes also expand to add additional bedrooms putting a strain on the existing hot water systems. Consequently the water systems in many Care Homes are classed as ‘Medium or High Risk’.

The business of most Care Homes is to look after the elderly, many with ailments which make them most susceptible to contract and die from Legionnaires’ disease. For these reasons, the CQC insist on viewing legionella testing certificates during their inspections.

Since the elderly are also more susceptible to tummy upsets, it’s so easy for faecal matter to get transferred from patient to tap and then back from tap to patient. Good hygiene practice will minimise the risks and a simple Drinking Water Quality Test will check how effective your cleaning regime is.

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