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  1. legionella testing kit for showers

    Legionella test on Showers


    Test Kit for Laboratory analysis of water sample from Showers for legionella bacteria

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  2. Showerhead Plus Gel

    Showerhead Plus Gel


    Showerhead Plus Gel

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  3. Showerhead Plus

    Showerhead Plus


    Showerhead plus descales and disinfects at the same time. Proven to kill legionella bacteria.

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Legionella test kits, descaling and disinfecting for showers

For many buildings, showers pose the highest legionella risk within the property since they are susceptible to bacterial colonisation, scale formation and most importantly they produce an aerosol.

Table 2.1: Checklist for hot and cold water systems

Showers and spray taps

Dismantle, clean and descale removable parts, heads, inserts and hoses where fitted.
Consideration should be given to removing infrequently used showers, taps and any associated equipment that uses water. If removed, any redundant supply pipework should be cut back as far as possible to a common supply

-Para 2.167

In circumstances where there has been a lapse in the flushing regime, the stagnant and potentially contaminated water from within the shower or tap and associated dead leg should be purged to drain without discharge of aerosols before the appliance is used.

What does this mean?

Where possible, remove rarely used showers and taps, otherwise they must be flushed at least weekly and cleaned/descaled every 3 months.

Showerhead plus

This is a widely used product which descales and disinfects at the same time.

Testing Showers for legionella bacteria

Since showers are generally a higher risk, they are often tested separately from the remainder of the hot water taps. A water sample from a shower undergoes the same laboratory analysis as other samples but we give it a separate product code so that the correct instructions are sent out with the test kit.

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