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Holiday Parks – Is your water safe in winter?

Holiday Parks are great places to have fun, relax and enjoy the countryside but for some people this turns out to be bad for their health. We all expect the water out of the tap to be healthy and wholesome, and usually it is but it can quickly go wrong at Holiday...

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Legionella Test: How Often and Why It’s Important

UK law is clear about Legionella risk assessment. Every landlord, building owner, or employer must have one. Your risk assessment will recommend how often you should be testing your water for legionella bacteria. Dangers Posed by Legionella Persons infected by the...

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How to Protect Your Care Home with Water Testing Kits

Are you concerned about Legionella infecting your water systems? Do you have any plans to keep your care home safe from this health risk? In this article, you’ll find out how to protect your care home from Legionella. Health Risks Care Home Residents Faced Many...

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How Legionella Testing for Landlords is Good for Business

How do you protect your water system from legionella? Are your safeguards adequate enough to deal with Legionella? In this article, you’ll learn some of the steps needed to keep Legionella at bay from your property. Every year cases of Legionella are occurring...

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Test for Legionella Bacteria and Make a Difference

Both landlords and business owners are responsible for the control of Legionnaires disease in their business premises and that can make a lot of difference. Whether you are the owner of a property, or managing a building, a test for legionella bacteria is recommended....

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Legionella Testing Company – Water Testing & Analysis

Legionella occurs from mostly natural resources but it can also grow and spread through engineered water systems. As a legionella testing company, we are able to provide you with the resources to test and analyse your water in a simple and manageable way. Monitoring...

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