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Water systems that are ideal breeding spaces for Legionella bacteria can be found even in the most ordinary places in the office, such as water coolers, vending machines, air coolers, sinks or drinking water fountains. 

The risk is higher if your business facilities are located in a fairly old piece of property. Even if your office has been impressively designed and furnished with the most modern features, years-old water pipes and tanks or unused water systems may still remain in the building and continue to be breeding grounds for bacteria. 

If employees, clients or visitors breathe in droplets or mist from water contaminated with Legionella bacteria, they can become seriously ill due to pneumonia, severe organ infections and other resulting conditions. Some cases of Legionnaires’ disease eventually lead to death. 

However, some business owners may feel hesitant to do testing since they assume that the process may take too long or is too expensive for them. What they don’t know is that there is no need to disrupt business operations, bring in a whole crew of scientists and chemists in the office, and strike fear and panic in your place of business to thoroughly check for bacterial contamination in your water sources. The first step in protecting employees from workplace-related diseases (and the costs that come with them) and avoiding liability claims, a negative reputation and other consequences that result from Legionnaire’s disease, is actually very simple. 

The first thing you need to do – and the one that will provide the most impact – is to establish preventive measures in your place of business. This is done through the easy and affordable use of the right Legionella testing kit.

Know that there are different portable testing kits that are designed for specific danger areas in the office, including kits for cold water storage tanks, showers and showerheads, drinking water units, vending machines, and water heaters and calorifiers. It’s helpful to seek the advice of a trusted testing service before making your purchase to know which kits are best for your office. 

The kits you order will be delivered to your door, complete with instructions and all the tools you need to collect and store water samples. The testing service will send a courier to pick up the samples, which will be taken to the laboratory for analysis. 

To further add to the convenience, you may view your test results online, via a protected database. If the tests turn out positive for Legionella, the report will then include the necessary and suggested remedial actions you can take to improve the situation. If the tests come out clear, then the analysis certificate that you receive may also serve as a valid document that proves your office is free from Legionella bacteria and is a safe and healthy workplace.