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Legionella risks during the coronavirus pandemic

HSE Advice The Health & Safety Executive are advising all building owners to check their water systems if the properties have been closed or utilised by fewer staff than normal during the past 12 months. The easiest check is to perform a legionella test on your...

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Risk Assessment for Legionella – A Must in New York City

In 2015, New York City earned the unenviable distinction of recording the worst Legionnaires’ disease outbreak in the state’s history. After the dust settled, a total of 16 deaths and 133 infections were recorded, prompting state and city officia…

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Legionella Test Kit for Water Use for Cooling Towers

Three men and two women from Victoria, Australia’s health office have succumbed to Legionnaires’ disease following a routine inspection of various CBD buildings.
A ranking officer from the health office reports that the victims of the disease suddenly…

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Water Testing Kits for Legionella Yield Negative Results

It was on December 2016 when a confirmed case of Legionnaires’ disease was reported at the Harrison Medical Center. Subsequent testing of the water samples taken from the medical centre confirmed the presence of Legionella bacteria which are known to c…

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